Deciphering 2018 IECC—Exterior Lighting Controls

Interior commercial areas aren’t the only spaces requiring lighting control. IECC has specific guidelines for how long exterior lighting should be on and what control methods should be used to manage it. Exterior lighting is divided into two types:

  • Lighting designated for dawn-to-dusk operation (a.k.a. lighting that is supposed to remain ON even during daylight hours)
  • Lighting that is not designated for dawn-to-dusk operation

No matter how the lighting is intended to be used, photosensors and astronomical time switches are mandated to make sure that lighting doesn’t remain ON when a building is closed and unoccupied. There are also scheduling rules that specify how long a business can be closed before lighting is turned OFF and incorporating scheduling controls that are programmed with the business’s operating hours. Not only does this strategy save energy costs, it also helps combat light pollution.

Summary of 2015 and 2018 IECC Requirements
C405.2.6 Exterior Lighting Controls

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