Data Centers—Global Energy Consumers

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Data centers have long been considered intensive energy consumers with large-scale cooling systems required to keep servers cool and running at optimal levels while maintaining the space’s humidity.
But closer examination of the energy used at these and other facilities has shown upgrading energy monitoring equipment and hardware gives building owners and facility managers a clearer picture for energy monitoring, management and billing.

Monitoring energy in data centers and the rest of the building requires a multi-pronged approach using tools that generate a clear depiction of energy use as many factors make up the complicated equation.  

Power capacity forecasts

  • View building energy trends and predict increased demand
  • Identify renewable resources
  • Future proofing – identifying energy efficient solutions and technology as demands increase

Energy Efficiency & Billing

  • Determine how the power coming into a building is being used
  • Determine energy waste
  • Properly assign energy costs to different departments and divisions of a company
  • Calculate power and cooling resources separately

VerifEye™ Series 7000 and 7100 Branch Circuit Monitors

The VerifEye™ Series 7000 and 7100 Branch Circuit Monitors offer electrical load management for high density applications such as data centers. End users can monitor up to 48 branch circuits with one single meter board and get a complete energy management and tenant billing solution when used with the VerifEye EMH data acquisition server and Building Manager Online (BMO) energy information software.

Additionally, building owners and facility managers can set user-configured alarm indicators to prevent overloaded circuits by monitoring current, voltage, instantaneous power, demand and energy consumption on each circuit.

These meters can be used to meet submetering requirements such as ASHRAE 90.1 2013/2016/2019, Washington State/Seattle Energy Codes, and 2019 Title 24, Part 6 service metering and disaggregation of electrical circuits requirements.

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