Creating Transparency and Accountability in Commercial Offices

Creating Transparency and Accountability in Commercial Offices

Many cities and states across the nation now, or will soon require commercial and mixed-use property owners to track and bill energy consumption for each tenant in their building. While not all U.S. cities and states require submeters, there are many benefits for implementing these cost-effective measures before new requirements go into effect.

  • Create Transparency and Accountability—If a tenant is unaware of how much energy they are consuming, there is no incentive to save energy. However, when a tenant is given visibility to their energy usage, this can positively influence their energy consumption behavior.
  • Promote Building Efficiency—Ensure building systems and equipment are running optimally. Energy information from submeters can pinpoint exactly when, where and how much energy is being wasted allowing building owners to implement strategies to optimize their system processes and equipment.

Applying a submetering solution to commercial offices or a mixed-use building streamlines energy management and creates accountability for tenants while generating substantial cost savings.

Creating Win-Win Solutions for Building Owners and Tenants

Redirecting Accountability and Streamlining Accounting

By redirecting accountability for energy usage to tenants and streamlining accounting operations, a VerifEye Submetering Solution is a win-win for a commercial office or mixed-use space. Precise monitoring of tenant utilities and major building systems can generate substantial cost savings.

VerfEye energy information software, can be used to push meter data to third party billing companies as well as energy dashboards and kiosks to create tenant awareness and sustainability messages.

The VerifEye Advantage

  • Redirect responsibility for utility usage from property owners to tenants and encourage conservation
  • Easy-to-install/retrofit metering system: minimizing the wiring & installation required saves time and reduces labor costs
  • Universal energy information system designed to meet or exceed all energy data project goals using open protocol system platform and interfaces
  • Cost-effective and convenient method of monitoring usage for energy savings, code compliance and LEED measurement and verification
  • Provides web-based access to real-time usage data and reports and accommodates third-party billing
  • Set energy goals at the building or portfolio level

In the next part of our series, we’ll explore the benefits of submetering in retail malls.

For more information on VerifEye Submetering Solutions, visit or view our ezLearn course on “Submetering Applications: How to Put It All Together with VerifEye”.

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