Building the Perfect Man Cave

Building the Perfect Man Cave

How many of us have a basement space that’s been sitting, neglected and unused, for the past few years? Every season, you tell yourself, “This season, I’ll clean it out! I’ll donate all the old clothes and books, I’ll have a tag sale to get rid of this extra furniture from grandma’s house. I’ll clean it out and spruce it up!” But it doesn’t happen, does it? We’ve all got a never-ending list of home projects we’d like to complete, and like it or not, often, the Man Cave falls to the bottom of the list.

Let’s face it: football season here, and it’s time to get your rear in gear! Ready to tackle your Man Cave space? Come on, you can do it! With a few simple tips and tricks, we’ll help you clear out your old space and transform it into a Man Cave your husband will love. Just don’t hate us if he never comes upstairs again! Husbands, if you’re reading this…just because she’s redoing the space for you doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for The Big Game Party prep!

Man Cave

So, let’s talk Man Cave. The perfect Man Cave, that is. A place where the guys (and gals, of course!) can huddle around the big screen TV to watch the games with zero distraction. Sound-proofing the basement walls is a good start – all the better to keep the noise of the kids running around upstairs separate from the hooting and hollering of the game (and vice versa!). Once you’ve cleared out that old basement space and cleaned it up with a fresh coat of paint, you’re ready to go. Consider putting down a shag area rug so that people can sit on the floor and be comfortable watching the game from any angle.

Of course, comfortable, “so lux you can sink right into it” furniture is a must-have for any good man cave. We’re partial to overstuffed leather couches; preferably ones that have that aged look to them. Restoration Hardware© does a great version of this couch, as does Pottery Barn®. Need to pinch your pennies? Scour your local listing websites for an old leather couch and armchair – chances are, someone will be wanting to offload one right at the time you’re looking to purchase! A few comfortable throw pillows can’t hurt to spruce up the space, and while you’re at it, consider investing in some oversized floor pillows as well. As we said, when you’ve got lots of people over to watch the game, it’s likely that a few folks will end up sitting on the floor. Why not make it comfortable for them?

Leviton SureSlide Decora® Dimmer

Now, for setting the mood. When it comes to game night, it’s all about recessed lighting and dimmers. That’s right, dimmers. You want to be able to control the ambience of the space, and this includes the lighting. Sure, it’s all well and good to have comfortable couches and the best queso dip around, but if you don’t have good lighting by which to watch the game, you might as well count yourself out for Superbowl Sunday. Recessed lighting ensures that the lighting in your space isn’t overly harsh (and this can be tough to achieve in a basement room!), while dimmers allow you to control the amount of light in the room at any given time. Depending on the natural light at any given football field, or the light coming off your TV, you’ll be able to control the amount of light in the room, ensuring that the men in the cave never miss a moment of the game. What could be better? Now, grab the kids and get sorting through all the junk in your basement!

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