Budget Bathroom Renovations: 5 Tips for Designing a Small Space

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Thinking about switching things up in the bathroom? Bathroom renovations are an often-googled topic, and for a good reason: it can be hard to think about saving space in, well, a small space. Because none of us spend all that much time in the bathroom, we tend to neglect the space in our homes, which is a real shame – because a great bathroom can make for a super relaxing space. Whether you’re thinking about renovating the powder room, or doing a remodel of the master bath to get those double sinks you’ve been coveting, we’ve got a few tips for how to design in such a small space (and how to save money while doing it!).

1) Add tile. A row of decorative tile is one of the easiest ways to add some interest to an otherwise boring bathroom – and because you’re just doing the one row, you only need a small amount of tile. That means less money spent, and less time spent on labor. Small investment, big return, design-wise!

Add a row of decorative tile

2) Install a pedestal sink. Pedestal sinks are the easiest ways to add space in the bathroom. Vanities can be bulky, and are hard to fit in small spaces. Pedestal sinks might eliminate a bit of storage, but they’re a great alternative for people looking to save space. They’ll open up the bathroom in a big way, and you can store what formerly lived in the vanity in the hallway closet, or consider getting some over-the-toilet storage.

Pedestal Sink

3) Play with texture. Bathrooms are a great place to put wallpaper, or fun, funky prints and textures. Don’t be afraid to mix it up in the bathroom – try a fun metallic stool, or a textured rug. Scared to invest in new pieces? Start out small with a fun shower curtain.

4) Add a dimming sensor. Enlisting the help of a dimming sensor helps you save energy in the bathroom and create the ambiance you’re looking for. Trust us: even the bathroom can be romantic!

Dimming Occupancy Sensor IPSD6-1LZ

5) Paint it white. White paint is your best friend when it comes to bathroom remodels. White is classic and clean, and helps to open up the space. It’s especially good for bathrooms without a ton of natural light. If you’re painting the walls and ceilings white, try a patterned shower curtain or bathmat to bring a pop of color into the space.

Do you plan on renovating your bathroom? Or have you recently completed a renovation? Let us know in the comments box below!