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Blackouts and brownouts as well as power loss due to hurricanes are common issues during the summer and sometimes they can last for days. Are you prepared if you’re without power for several days?

Here are some safety precautions if you find yourself in the dark:

  • Scan the area around your house for down electrical lines. If you see sparks, hear crackling or spot a downed line moving, report it to your electric company – and stay away from it.

Scan the area around your house

  • Never run a generator inside your home as it can create the build-up of deadly carbon monoxide.

Never run a generator inside your home

Leviton battery operated LED lights

  • Be sure to have plenty of batteries and flashlights on hand – never use candles or any other open flame for illumination
  • Keep the refrigerator and freezer closed. A half-full freezer will hold for up to 24 hours, a full one for 48 hours. Food in the refrigerator can only stay cold up to four hours if the door stays closed.
  • Keep a full tank of propane so you can use the grill to cook if necessary
  • Have a battery-operated or hand-crank radio to monitor weather alerts and disaster instructions

Battery operated radio and batteries

  • Post emergency phone numbers in a central location and be sure that you have a fully stocked First Aid kit.