Best Lights Shine Bright with Z-Wave DZC

Best Lights Shine Bright with Leviton Z-Wave DZC

We spend so much time choosing the features and details in our homes—the furniture, paint colors, carpeting, countertops…a hundred small choices we research and agonize over in the quest for the perfect personal sanctuary! What many of us overlook is the fact that all the most wonderful touches, furnishings and design elements in a home can be squandered if they’re kept in an unflattering light.

Yes, lighting! The key to turning a space into a statement. Recently, Coldwell Banker published an illuminating guide to residential lighting, providing invaluable insight into planning your own personal lighting scheme.  

There are three basic categories for types of home lighting:

  • Ambient—sets a room’s mood by filling the space and eliminating harsh shadows, usually through indirect fixtures such as shaded lamps, overhead lighting and chandeliers, directional fixtures strategically aimed at walls, or even built-in cove lighting
  • Task lighting—bright light that shines into an area where a specific task is being performed, such as a cooking space, reading chair or game spot. The light focuses tightly on the specific space and contrasts with the overall ambient light in a way that create interest and texture
  • Accent lighting—detail-oriented lighting that comes from the flicker of candles. Used to highlight features such as artwork and create drama. Beam spread, intensity and color are major factors in accent lighting

Leviton DZC Residential Lighting

Balancing these elements to make a well-lit, inviting space is key. Don’t overuse any one element, and take a good look at how you use each room before committing to the lighting scheme.

  • Identify the main activity areas or the room’s focal points and put the brightest layer of light there
  • Create a middle layer that highlights other areas of interest in the room without distracting from the 1-2 focal points
  • As a final layer, fill the background space with ambient light

By giving consideration to each individual room, homeowners can bring an incredible amount of interest and harmony to even the most understated space.

Stylish Control for Stellar Lighting

To properly dim, switch and control your home’s lighting scheme, trust Leviton solutions to keep your space running efficiently and in the best light. With our exclusive Decora® Z-Wave Controls (DZC), bring easy-to-install, powerful wireless controls to your home lighting project. Best of all, you can control and adjust DZC solutions from your smartphone or tablet!

  • Control lighting, HVAC systems, appliances, locks, windows, shades and much more—all from the touch of a smartphone or tablet button
  • Combining functionality with technology, DZC is uniquely designed to work with many of today’s popular Z-Wave enabled controllers, hubs and gateways
  • Incorporating DZC devices is easy, fast and hassle-free while providing the smartest and most reliable home lighting control

Leviton DZC Solutions

With a little planning and insight, paired with the best control options in the industry, your home can enjoy the aesthetic and energy-saving benefits of smart, stylish lighting!

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