Five Cool Benefits of Smart Lighting Control

Benefits of Smart Lighting Control

Today’s lifestyle is all about the ease and convenience technology brings to our daily lives. Some of us remember having to actually get up to turn a television on and off or to change a channel. Well, times have changed. And now we have big changes in lighting control with the introduction of digital dimmers and switches controlled remotely by a smartphone or tablet. 

Yes, you read correctly. By simply downloading the Decora® Digital Dimmer & Timer App to your smartphone or tablet and pairing it with Decora Digital Controls with Bluetooth® technology* you can do all sorts of cool things like:

Dim your lights from the comfort of your sofa

So, you’re relaxing in your living room and decide to watch a movie. No need to get up to dim the lights for that home theater experience when a few taps on your smartphone or tablet does the job for you.

Smart Lighting Control

Create a “Lived-in” look

Experts agree that a well-lit house can be an effective deterrent to burglars and offers a safer environment for residents arriving home after sunset. Manually programming timers throughout the home is time consuming and thankfully now no longer necessary – it can all be done on your smartphone or tablet. Scroll to the desired room and tap away!

Smart Lighting Control

Enjoy hassle-free mood lighting

How great is it to have a gathering and be able to dim or brighten lights instantly from your smartphone or tablet. Raise the lights for the grand buffet and subtly lower them so candles on the birthday cake make a lasting impression!   

Smart Lighting Control

Make bedtime easier

Decora Digital devices feature a countdown sleep timer so you can program exactly how long you want the lights to stay on before automatically switching off. No more running back to a child’s room to turn off the lights once he or she is asleep.

Convenience, Convenience, Convenience

Did we mention how convenient life is with Decora Digital Controls? The app is so intuitive even kids can use it. The devices work with today’s most popular bulbs. And, best of all, you don’t have to get out of bed to turn off the light!


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* Decora Digital Controls with Bluetooth Technology operate in a 30-foot range. Range may vary depending on specific conditions of installation, configuration of walls, obstacles and other factors.