Automate Energy Savings with your Smartphone

Automate Energy Savings with Your Smartphone

Gone are the days of forgetting to manually shut off store signs and lights and running heating and water pumps 24/7. With the Leviton Lumina™ RF Gateway Eco-System, business owners and facility managers can automate lighting, HVAC, plug loads and other energy controls from the palm of their hands. Lights, outdoor signs and plug load controls can be controlled in restaurants, retail stores, small offices and multiple commercial spaces for convenience and energy savings.

Lumina RF solutions provide ease of access to create customized, scalable automation for advanced lighting control. Set schedules or adjust lighting anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Programming is simple and easy using any Android or iOS device and the free Lumina Gateway App. Facility managers can create schedules and control lighting from the palm of their hands using the intuitive app.

Control Multiple Locations from Anywhere

Control Multiple Locations from Anywhere

Lumina RF Load Control Modules — wirelessly control heavy-duty loads using customized schedules while saving energy and increasing the lifespan of equipment.

  • Forgot to turn off a water feature, compressor or pump? Wirelessly connect with the Lumina Gateway App to control fountains, heaters or plug loads from anywhere in the world!
  • Create schedules for outdoor lights, signage, neon lights, digital display menu boards and overhead lights
  • Improve safety measures at multiple locations by ensuring outdoor and parking lot lights turn on at the same time so customers and employees never have to walk in a dark parking lot

Lumina RF Universal Thermostats — get precise control over heating, HVAC and ventilation using advanced digital technology and wireless controls.

  • Keep customers comfortable while maintaining a proper work environment for employees using multiple thermostats and one app
  • Improve aesthetics and avoid putting the thermostat under a plastic cover in public areas —Leviton thermostats can easily disable local control without putting it under lock and key
  • Change the backlight color (100 options) to meet company branding or décor

Automate and Control— Lumina RF is designed for effortless automation and intuitive control for business owners and facility managers.

  • Remotely control lights and plug loads, create schedules and more without the need to set up on-site
  • Easily manage and control multiple property locations from anywhere in the world using the Lumina Gateway App or web dashboard

New Lighting Control Devices — Leviton has launched 3 dimmers and 2 new switches this year for scalable, wireless control for retrofits, conference rooms, lounges and restaurants.

Eco-System Inside your Location

Eco-System Inside your Location

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