Audible GFCI's

Audible GFCI from Leviton

Did you hear something?

Have you ever walked into your garage or basement and discovered a puddle of water on the floor and realized that your freezer has no power? You slowly open the freezer door to find all of the extra meat you bought on sale is spoiled and your favorite popsicles have melted into a sticky river of goo! And, after some further investigating you find that the culprit is the GFCI outlet. It tripped, shutting off power to the freezer, and you had no idea. Then you ask yourself “How did this happen?”

Well, it can happen, especially if you do not frequent that area often. This has really happened to me, and I had to throw out hundreds of dollars of meat along with my favorite dessert. And to top it all off, I had a huge mess to clean up!

So what is the solution? Do you remove the GFCI and put in a regular outlet? Well, that is not really an option because GFCIs are required by the National Electrical Code® in garages and basements. So is there another solution? Well, there is now! Leviton has introduced a GFCI outlet with an audible trip alert that sounds an alarm to let you know the GFCI has tripped. I had the privilege to work on rolling out this product and the first thing I thought was, “I can’t wait to replace the GFCI in my garage that the freezer is plugged into with this product. That way if the GFCI trips again, I will hear it and be able to reset it, saving the food in my freezer.”

Leviton Audible GFCI Outlet

The GFCI with Audible Trip Alert is perfect for freezers, refrigerators, sump pumps and other necessary equipment located in garages, basements, and commercial kitchens; or where essential equipment is situated in an out-of-the-way place such as a back corner or storage area where daily visual checks may be unlikely.

Leviton Audible GFCI Outlet

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