Are you covered? Leviton's Wireless Structured Media Center offers improved WiFi coverage

Are you covered? Leviton's Wireless Structured Media Center offers improved WiFi coverage

Leviton's Structured Media Center (SMC) has long been an ideal solution for serving as a focal point for all the hardware and connectivity that smart homes require. Now, Leviton is pleased to announce the recent launch of the new Wireless Structured Media Center (WSMC), which provides many additional benefits, including improved WiFi coverage. The WSMC's plastic door allows for stronger signal propagation, enabling robust wireless performance. (Traditional enclosures, made of metal, are a limiting factor with the increased adoption of WiFi technologies.) 

"As we've seen industry-wide, customers who install a WiFi router inside a metal enclosure, like our traditional SMC, will have reduced signal coverage," said John Seger, principal technical specialist at Leviton Network Solutions. "However, users who simply remove the metal door and replace it with the WSMC's plastic door, will see increased range and potentially increased speed."

Fortunately, SMC users don’t need to spend the time and money to buy and replace the entire metal SMC with a plastic WSMC if they want better coverage. The Leviton SMC is retrofittable, and the WSMC is backwards compatible, so customers only need to purchase the WSMC's plastic door, along with the WSMC Trim Ring for easy installation. They can then remove the SMC's metal door and replace it with the plastic one, and they’re good to go.

"Any homeowner who can use a screwdriver can do it," said Bill Slater, marketing manager at Leviton. "The process of replacing the metal door with a plastic one is very simple."

Slater also noted that people who currently have the traditional metal SMC can easily determine if their coverage will be strengthened with the WSMC by simply removing the metal door temporarily.

"Or just leave the metal door open," Slater said. "When leaving it open, see if the reception improves, and if it does, then replacing the metal door with a plastic door will benefit you."

Learn how to easily replace a metal door with a plastic vented cover on a Leviton Structured Media Center

Additionally, the WSMC's plastic door offers benefits beyond just strong WiFi. The door is vented with a special engineered design, creating "Tri-Plane Heat Dissipation", which improves airflow and cooling for active equipment by as much as 40 percent more than a traditional vented metal door. The door additionally has added depth, increasing capacity inside the enclosure.

"Leviton is also manufacturing the WSMC plastic enclosure in the US to reduce shipping costs and decrease CO2 emissions," Seger said.

With Leviton's WSMC products, developers will be able to accommodate smart home trends, ensuring that they stay competitive in the residential marketplace. 

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