Renu Challenge Designer - Laura Cagnina Deck


Laura Cagnina Deck


Laura Cagnina Deck is a parenting and lifestyle blogger living in Niagara Falls, NY. She lives with her husband, their 4 daughters and their dog Stewart. The Decks love DIY projects and remodeling their city home. When not blogging or remodeling, Laura enjoys spending time with family traveling, camping, boating and taking Stewart for long walks. The Decks are currently in the process of finishing their attic to make a master bedroom.

When designing a room inside your home, how does color inspire you?
"Color inspires me to change and enhance my family's mood. Changes in colors between rooms is another way to make like more colorful. Cool blues and greens in the bathrooms, a sunny pale yellow kitchen and warm, rich tones in the master bedroom. Color has the power to calm, relax, inspire and make us feel happier. wall colors, baseboards, accent plates and switches, knick knacks and throw pillows are all great ways I like to add pops of color in a room and in my life."

Room: Master Bedroom
Using Renu Colors: Red Delicious, Onyx Black

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Before Photos
View the before photos of the Master Bedroom Laura will work on.



Q&A Session
Laura discusses her plans for the Renu Challenge.