Renu Challenge Designer - Kristine Crook


Kristine Crook


Kristine Crook is an interior designer with more than a decade of experience in both residential & commercial design. She is the owner of Purple Elephant Designs based in Metro Detroit, Michigan. Her expertise includes kitchen & bath design; gaming, retail, hospitality, industrial, landscape, and exterior lighting design; furniture design; color; space planning; and bespoke design. She is currently working on her own housewares & furniture brand, along with a commercial lighting & A/V brand.

When designing a room inside your home, how does color inspire you?
"I usually start with how I want a room to feel and then choose color based on the feeling to evoke. After I choose one main color, I find fabrics and finishes in that color. I choose fabrics with that color and other colors included and then pull a couple more colors for accents. Or I may choose one main color for one room and another main color for an adjoining open-plan room, then pull the colors as accents into the other rooms and choose one more color accent for both rooms."

Room: Master Bedroom
Using Renu Color: Pebble Grey

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Before Photos
View the before photos of the Master Bedroom Kristine will work on.



Q&A Session
Kristine discusses her plans for the Renu Challenge.



After Photos
See how Kristine transformed her room with the help of colorful Leviton Renu devices.