Renu Challenge Designer - Gina Samarotto


Gina Samarotto


Gina Samarotto is the founder and Principal Designer of the award-winning Samarotto Design Group, LLC. Based in New York and working with clients across the US and internationally, the Samarotto Design Group specializes in both interior design and landscape architecture. Through the use of color, texture, scale and proportion Gina and her design team creates stunning, distinctive and functional spaces that reflect her client’s personality and personal style; beautiful spaces that are meant to be lived in and enjoyed. When she’s not designing, Gina can often be found traveling the globe as an editor at large; writing about design, style and luxury living.

When designing a room inside your home, how does color inspire you?
"I look for colors that wake up a space, that give it depth and interest. Color should reflect the personality of the space and those who inhabit it. Even when using white, it's to create an environment and to set a stage that brings a room to life. The definition of good design is, I believe, to create a space that people want to be in...color is the first step in that process."

Room: Living Room
Using Renu Color: Wood Smoke

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Before Photos
View the before photos of the Living Room Gina will be working on.



Q&A Session
Gina discusses her plans for the Renu Challenge.



After Photos
See how Gina transformed her room with the help of colorful Leviton Renu devices.