Less Mess = Less Stress. Five Tips to Declutter Your Home.

More so than ever, many of us are spending time and money on home improvements.  From simple updates like painting a room or replacing old light switches, to more complicated jobs like renovating the bathroom, the goal is the same: create a nicer living environment. But even the best updates and renovations can lose their “wow” factor if clutter gets in the way!

We just assume clutter is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to be.  Now is the perfect time to take on the clutter in your home; whether it be to tidy up or a complete purge, decluttering always results in a neater and more organized space.

Following are 5 tips to make decluttering less overwhelming and more manageable:

Devise a plan of attack (achievable goals)

  • Don’t try to tackle everything at once. Go room by room. Start small, work your way up and set a timeline for each phase. For example: if starting in the bedroom, tackle the closet first and move on to the dresser another day.  Then work your way into the next room
  • Helpful tip for clothing/shoes – it’s easier to sort through apparel when you group by category – jeans, sweaters, tee shirts…  This helps you visually assess how many items you actually have and makes choosing what to discard easier

Learn to Purge

  • The key to decluttering is having the ability to part with your stuff. This is easier if you create 4 piles: Keep, trash, donate/sell, store
  • Remember the 80/20 rule: get rid of anything that you do not use 80% of the time. If you haven’t used or worn something in a year, get rid of it
  • Another golden rule of decluttering is if the item is not useful, meaningful, beautiful or valuable it’s time to let it go

Bins/Baskets/Containers are your best friend

  • Every space, including drawers, should have bins
  • Group like items together, categorize
  • Sort through the mail and brochures/circulars/catalogs weekly rather than letting it pile up. Create designated bins for bills, coupons, and general mail

Don’t forget to declutter electronics

  • Delete, delete, delete old Emails, photos, documents and contacts
  • Keep cords tidy
  • Toss out random adapters and cords. Try USB in-wall charger outlets for clutter-free counters, nightstands and any other surface you may use to charge devices


  • Buy only what you need
  • When you buy something new, discard something old (think REPLACE, not add to)
  • Once you have decluttered, dedicate time to keep it up


We bet you feel better just thinking about decluttering! What are you waiting for? Get started today.