8 Ways to Create More Network Capacity in Data Centers

8 Ways to Create More Network Capacity in Data Centers - Leviton Blog

Over the past decade, the demand for more computing power and data center servers has not slowed. Yet while computing demand continues to increase, not all IT budgets are growing. So instead of expanding to larger facilities, many data centers are consolidating and improving infrastructure for efficiency and higher density. An Uptime Institute survey of 1,100 data center owners and operators found that 30% of respondents say they will run out of data center capacity at one of their sites this year. And the large majority of those said they will make due with the sites they have by consolidating servers and upgrading their facilities' infrastructure.

To support these applications, Leviton offers a broad selection of high-density connectivity and high capacity cable management. Here are just a few:

High Density Patch Panels

1. e2XHD Patching System
Using high density angled panels, this system allows users to mix and match Leviton copper and fiber snap-in cassettes. The panels, available in 1RU and 4RU configurations, support up to 48 copper ports or duplex fiber channels per 1RU (192 copper or 192 fiber in a 4RU space).

2. QuickPort® Copper Panels
QuickPort High Density Patch Panels are an efficient way to increase port density in zone enclosures, racks, and cabinets. 1RU 48-port flat and angled panels double the port count over traditional panels, while 2RU 72-port flat, angled, and recessed angled panels increase port density by 50% over typical 2RU panels.


High Density Fiber

3. 24-fiber MTP® Cabling and Connectivity
Opt-X Unity 24-fiber MTP system offers at least double the density of legacy 12-fiber cabling, and allows for fewer cable pathways and improved airflow in data centers.

4. Opt-X HD Rack Mount Enclosures System
Opt-X HD 1RU and 2RU Enclosures accept compact HDX cassettes and adapter plates, creating 33% more density with LC connectors or 50% with MTP connectors over typical enclosures.  scalable platform for enterprise and data center applications.

5. High Density Flush Mount Enclosures
Our Flush Mount Series Enclosures use MTP connections on the back with choice of fiber connectors on the front, or can be pre-assembled with harnesses. The largest enclosures accept up to 576 fibers (using LC). The enclosures come in 1RU, 4RU, 6RU, and 8RU configurations.

6. Replicator® Enclosures
The innovative Replicator Kit Series supports the latest high-density SAN switches available from Cisco, IBM, EMC, Brocade and others, and offers up to 384-channel capacity (768 fiber strands). The enclosure incorporates Logical Port Management (LPM), providing an exact replication (blade number and port count) of switch inputs at main distribution.


Cable Management & Zero-U Patching

7. Overhead Infrastructure Platform
In many facilities, access to the ceiling in the data center is limited due to blockage by utility ducting and pipe or because the height requires substantial labor. Also, the roof structure may not allow the added weight from cables and ladder trays. Overhead Infrastructure Platforms can carry the load and avoid obstructions, while creating more capacity by adding patching above cabinets or racks.

8. Zero-U Patch Panels
VertiGO® Zero-U Patch Panels provide the ideal solution for copper and fiber connectivity in limited space. Ideally suited for data center server and equipment cabinets, the panel consumes zero horizontal rack units by mounting vertically in the back of the cabinet. The result: easy access to connectivity, improved airflow, reduced patch cable routing complexity, and more space to manage active equipment.


For more information, go to Leviton.com/highdensity.