2016 Bringing More Savvy Smart Homes

2016 Bringing More Savvy Smart Homes

What were your resolutions for 2016? If you’re anything like 45% of Americans, your goals for the (not-so) new year likely included a significant upgrade to your home’s smart technology capabilities. A recent survey by Coldwell Banker® found that nearly half of those surveyed either own smart home technology, or plan to significantly invest in it sometime this year.

Top choices for smart home upgrades included:

  • Security (63%) - locks and alarm systems
  • Temperature controls (63%)—thermostats and fans
  • Lighting (58%) - energy-efficient bulbs and control systems
  • Safety (56%) - fire/carbon monoxide detectors and night lights

Adopting smart technologies in the home offers homeowners a host of benefits:

  • Energy savings - controls like smart thermostats, timers and lighting schedules lead to immediate bottom line savings on electricity and gas bills
  • Peace of mind - from the ability to manage security settings on-the-go to knowing lights will stay off when you’re absent and be on when you return, smart homes make household management simpler and streamlined
  • Increased resale value - in a white-hot housing market, smart controls help homes stand out and often increase property values

2016 Bringing More Savvy Smart Homes

The Smart Choice That Does it All

Although there are many choices in smart home technology, one system meets all your needs and provides integration of lighting, temperature, audio/video, security, and more from a single easy-to-install point! Designed to simplify your life and maximize safety, comfort, and energy savings, the Omni® automation system allows you to remotely control it all from a smartphone or tablet from practically anywhere in the world.

  • Schedule one button controls for day-to-day events such as Day, Night, Vacation, or Away
  • Set the mood room by room for dining, movies or entertaining
  • Use Bluetooth to share your favorite streaming or stored music via your smartphone or tablet in multiple rooms
  • View live surveillance footage of your home from a touchscreen or mobile device and activate it based on motion
  • Receive phone calls, texts or emails to inform you of what is happening at home—be notified of an alarm or that your children are home safe from school
  • Reduce energy costs by automatically dimming lights and changing heating and cooling setpoints when you are away from home

2016 Bringing More Savvy Smart Homes
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Best of all, Omni controls are easy to install and intuitive to use—you don’t have to be a tech genius to live in a smart home!

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