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How to Select the Right VerifEye Data Collection Hardware for Your Submetering System

VerifEye delivers a comprehensive line of submetering communication or data collection hardware that transports and translates meter data into usab

Take a moment to get to know Lee!

The Commercial & Industrial team is proud to announce that Lee Kessler just celebrated his 25th year at Leviton!

USB-C Compatible Devices

Making Sense of Type-C™ and Power Delivery (PD)

Add Intelligence via Firmware Updates

Your home is a living, breathing thing. It is alive!  As such, it has the ability to add

Deciphering 2018 IECC—Exterior Lighting Controls

Interior commercial areas aren’t the only spaces requiring lighting control.

Deciphering 2018 IECC—Specific Application Controls

Some commercial applications have design and usage requirements that necessitate a unique selection of lighting controls.

Deciphering 2018 IECC—Daylight Responsive Controls

One area that hasn’t changed much with the 2018 IECC revision are the sections specifying how daylight harvesting should work in a compliant facili

Deciphering 2018 IECC—Light Reduction Controls

In the IECC standard, two techniques work together to reduce energy usage in most indoor commercial spaces: Interior Manual Lighting Controls (refe

Deciphering 2018 IECC—Automatic Time Switch Control

Automatic Time Switch Controls have been a mainstay in IECC standards.