Energy Saving

Value of Energy Data for Building Owners

Commercial and industrial buildings in the United States consume a tremendous amount of electrical energy each year. Approximately 30% of all energy consumed by these buildings and facilities is wasted equating to $120 billion in waste. Read more...

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Importance of Emergency Lighting Controls

Building codes across the country require emergency lighting controls in nonresidential buildings to keep occupants safe during a utility outage, fire or power failure. Emergency lighting illuminates pathways out of a building and facilitates the evacuation of a building to reduce the panic and stress of the building’s occupants. Read more...

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2018 IECC: What’s Changed and What’s New?

2018 IECC: What’s Changed and What’s New?

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What Distributors Need to Know to Sell More Products

Why are energy codes important to distributors? Because they’re important to new construction and retrofit projects! Read more...

Network Solutions

Leviton at Cisco Live 2019: market-leading systems, 400G and more

Leviton at Cisco Live 2019

Welcome to 2019 Cisco Live in San Diego, CA. This premier technology event for IT professionals Read more...

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Top 5 Reasons for Property Owners to Submeter

Own Submeter

Some of the greatest benefits of submetering technology come in the form of property owner advantages. Commercial Property Executive recently outlined the top 5 reasons property owners should invest in submetering, which include significant savings to both tenants and management. Read more...

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