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Making the Case for Lighting & Control Solutions in Commercial Buildings and Office Spaces

Tailor Lighting to Enhance the Work Environment

Making the Case for Lighting & Control Solutions in Warehouse Application

Warehouses and distribution centers are sizeable, active spaces, with many components.

Preparing for a new Arrival? Start with a Safe Nursery

When expecting a new addition to the family, certain items always seem to make the baby shower gift list: car seat, crib, clothing, blankets, cuddl

Cleaning? Don’t Forget Switches and Wallplates!

In an effort to stay healthy and keep your home tidy, you’ve probably increased your cleaning frequency since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Making the Case for Lighting & Control Solutions in Health Care Applications

Health care facilities are as varied as the people they serve and the treatments they provide.

What’s Trending? Reimagining Your Outdoor Living Space

When it comes to outdoor living, the traditional standard patio furniture set and barbeque grill has evolved into a formal dining area, full kitche

Making the Case for Lighting & Control Solutions in Grocery Applications

Grocery chains and independent store owners face numerous challenges when it comes to lighting their aisles.

Get Fit, Stay Fit with a Home Gym!

Summer is just around the corner and today more than ever we’re looking for ways to keep healthy and stay fit without visiting a gym or fitness clu

Perfect Dimming Begins with the Right Bulb/Dimmer Combination

Installing dimmers throughout your home makes it easy to create ambiance for any occasion, control lighting for specific tasks and save energy ever

Less Mess = Less Stress. Five Tips to Declutter Your Home.

More so than ever, many of us are spending time and money on home improvements.  From simple updates like painting a room or replacing old light sw