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What’s Trending? Reimagining Your Outdoor Living Space

When it comes to outdoor living, the traditional standard patio furniture set and barbeque grill has evolved into a formal dining area, full kitchen (sink included) and entertainment space featuring a bar area and large screen tv with speakers for surround sound, and amazing lighting to set the mood for any occasion. Read more...

Network Solutions

Leviton Exhibit and Experts Cover the Biggest Trends at BICSI Winter

The 2021 BICSI Winter Virtual Conference and Exhibition kicks off on February 28th Read more...

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Making the Case for Lighting & Control Solutions in Grocery Applications

Grocery chains and independent store owners face numerous challenges when it comes to lighting their aisles. A successful store must find a balance between making shopping an enjoyable experience for customers while maintaining efficiency and profitability for the store. Read more...

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Get Fit, Stay Fit with a Home Gym!

Summer is just around the corner and today more than ever we’re looking for ways to keep healthy and stay fit without visiting a gym or fitness club. During the colder months its tough, but we have a solution. If you have a spare room or some extra space in your basement, why not create a home gym? Read more...

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Perfect Dimming Begins with the Right Bulb/Dimmer Combination

Installing dimmers throughout your home makes it easy to create ambiance for any occasion, control lighting for specific tasks and save energy every time you dim. To enjoy the perfect dimming experience, start by making a successful bulb/dimmer match! Read more...


Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating

We all enjoy decorating the inside and outside of our homes with lights and plug-in decorations for the holiday season. They create a cheerful atmosphere, add sparkle to trees and foster the imagination of children of all ages. Read more...

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