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See the Leviton Exhibit and Tech Session at the 2021 BICSI Fall Conference

BICSI Conference & Exhibition

This year the BICSI Fall Conference and Exhibition is a hybrid event, held both virtually and in‑person at the Venetian/Sands Expo, August 22-26. Read more...

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Updating your Bedroom? Don’t forget your electrical needs!

A fresh coat of paint, new bed linens, and an updated window treatment are all ways to update your bedroom for a refreshing new look and feel. As you make these changes, don’t let your electrical needs get left behind. These days, there are so many great ways to enhance the electrical functions within the bedroom for a truly restful experience. Here are a few of our top suggestions: Read more...

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What Do the Handle Colors and LEDs on My Circuit Breaker Mean?

Leviton Load Center Diagnostics for Easy Troubleshooting!

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6 Ways the Leviton Load Center Helps Makes Your Home Safer

Your load center is the electrical hub of your home, managing the power that flows each and every day throughout every room and every appliance. As such, it is important that it deliver the most consistent and safest power possible. The Leviton Load Center offers advanced features to achieve just that. Read more...

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Three Easy Steps to Create a Smart Load Center

Why are so many homeowners asking for the Leviton Load Center with Smart Circuit Breakers? Imagine being able to view real time energy consumption in your home, track energy costs, know when and why a circuit breaker trips (even if you are not home), remotely turn off any circuit breaker1, and more all from a smartphone, tablet or desktop. Read more...

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