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2018 IECC: What’s Changed and What’s New?

2018 IECC: What’s Changed and What’s New?

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What Distributors Need to Know to Sell More Products

Why are energy codes important to distributors? Because they’re important to new construction and retrofit projects! Read more...

Network Solutions

Leviton at Cisco Live 2019: market-leading systems, 400G and more

Leviton at Cisco Live 2019

Welcome to 2019 Cisco Live in San Diego, CA. This premier technology event for IT professionals Read more...

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Top 5 Reasons for Property Owners to Submeter

Own Submeter

Some of the greatest benefits of submetering technology come in the form of property owner advantages. Commercial Property Executive recently outlined the top 5 reasons property owners should invest in submetering, which include significant savings to both tenants and management. Read more...

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Data Centers—Global Energy Consumers

Blog_Data Center

Data centers have long been considered intensive energy consumers with large-scale cooling systems required to keep servers cool and running at optimal levels while maintaining the space’s humidity. Read more...

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Measure and Manage Your Submetering Code Compliance

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Title 24 in California along with 6 states across the country follow a version of ASHRAE 90.1 that requires submetering for commercial and multi-tenant buildings. Read more...

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