Assisted Living Independence with Leviton Home Automation Solutions

Assisted Living Independence with Leviton Home Automation Solutions

When Leviton equipment is used to positively influence someone’s life, it reminds us of the transformative nature of home automation.

How Universal Dimmers Work

Tech Talk – How Universal Dimmers Work

When electricity was first introduced into the home, folks were happy to be able to simply turn a switch and watch as the electric light turned on.

Owning an Electric Vehicle

The benefits of owning an Electric Vehicle

We asked Electric Vehicle owners and enthusiasts on Twitter what they like most about owning and driving an EV.

Tips for Optimizing Your Home Wireless Network

The number of connected devices in the home has grown significantly over the last few years. To adequately support this continuing trend it is...

Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

As a national child safety expert, I hear from parents all the time that they’re surprised by something that their child has done.

Sprucing Up Your Bathroom - Leviton Blog

Sprucing Up Your Bathroom

Let’s face it – even the oft-forgotten bathroom needs some sprucing up from time to time.

Structured Wiring Networks a Plus in Growing Rental Market

Economic experts predict that the current economy and shifting demographics will expand the number of people who will rent instead of buy housing in...