What Do the Handle Colors and LEDs on My Circuit Breaker Mean?

Leviton Load Center Diagnostics for Easy Troubleshooting!

It’s never fun to experience a power failure due to a tripped circuit breaker. The first thought is, which breaker in the box tripped and why? Leviton Load Center circuit breakers make getting the answer as easy as glancing at your panel. By building-in indicators in the handle and LEDs into every electronic circuit breaker, Leviton takes the stress out of searching through your circuit breakers to seek out the troublemaker.

LED Diagnostics

At-a-glance red , green, or white indicators appear in the rocker handle of each circuit breaker as well LED lights on the body of the AFCI, GFCI and AFCI/GFCI circuit breakers. The color indicator in the handle indicates whether power on that circuit is ON or OFF; if the status is green, power is ON, if it is white, power is OFF, and if it is red, the breaker tripped. Leviton Load Center circuit breakers feature line-side powered electronics so the LEDs remain lit, even when a circuit breaker is tripped, for easy identification. The LEDs within the body of the breaker coordinate with “type of fault”; the AF refers to an arc-fault event while the GF refers to a ground-fault event. The illustration below offers a clear look at how easy it is to identify the tripped breaker! At a quick glance, we can see that the top breaker has tripped, and it is due to a ground-fault event.