Water Damage and Your Electrical System

Water Damage

It is an important safety consideration to know that water and electricity don’t mix. This holds true for all water/electricity encounters – from the hair dryer near the sink to the overflowing washing machine and to the unthinkable damage created by hurricanes and flooding.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has a great publication specifically on the matter of “Evaluating Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment”.  Once affected by water, electrical devices and equipment are never the same and more often than not will need to be replaced.

Per the NEMA publication:

“Electrical equipment exposed to water can be extremely hazardous if reenergized without performing a proper evaluation and taking necessary actions. Reductions in integrity of electrical equipment due to moisture can affect the ability of the equipment to perform its intended function. Damage to electrical equipment can also result from flood waters contaminated with chemicals, sewage, oil and other debris, which will affect the integrity and performance of the equipment. Ocean water and salt spray can be particularly damaging due to the corrosive and conductive nature of the salt water residue.”

The publication goes into detail on various categories of electrical equipment and is a valuable resource for all homeowners.  We encourage you to review the information and to be aware of the recommended actions to take should you experience a water event in your home.

Remember, safety always comes first.

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