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2014 New Year’s Resolution: Home Improvement Ideas

Happy New Year, all! We can’t believe it’s already 2014. We could have sworn we were just ringing in 2013.

Accessorize with Outlets, Switches and Dimmers - Leviton Blog

Accessorize with Outlets, Switches and Dimmers

Think that your electrical outlets have to be the thorn in your interior side? Think again.

Leviton 4-Port USB Outlet - Leviton Blog

Leviton 4-Port USB Outlet

Time is precious these days so the less time (and space) you need to charge all of your gadgets the more time you have for… everything else!

Back To School

Back to School Shopping List

Oh, back to school season. The smell of freshly purchased notebooks, the gleam of a new binder and a crisp, clean list of classes…can you tell it’s...