There’s more to Spring Cleaning than Cleaning

There’s More to Spring Cleaning Than Cleaning

Spring is finally in the air…and so is all the dust and “stuff” that had been collecting in our homes over the long winter months. Time to air out and clean out!  But, there’s more to spring cleaning than actually scrubbing, washing, polishing and dusting. 

Organize your important papers

Tax season, which ends during spring, offers the perfect opportunity to get your finances in order. You’re already gathering documents for the IRS so just take it one step further and file what you need, shred what you don’t. 

Spring Cleaning - Organize your important papers

Inspect health and beauty products

Often overlooked as time passes are medicines and cosmetics that have expired. That allergy medicine you purchased for last year’s spring pollen may no longer be effective – or safe – this year. And while you’re at it, be sure to move all medications out of the reach of children.


Saving empty shipping boxes from the holiday’s just in case you may need one? How about children’s toys and books that have long been forgotten? Those old VCR tapes you haven’t watched in, well, a decade. You would be amazed how much space such things take up, how much dust they collect, and how much you really won’t miss them when they are gone.

Think Green

Green is all around us during springtime so bring some inside. Fresh cut flowers are a start, but energy efficient lighting last longer! Dimmers are an ideal replacement for standard switches in dining rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. LED Ceiling Occupancy Sensor Lampholders are perfect for lighting the closets you just cleaned out.

Spring Cleaning - Energy Saving Products

Next, the car could use a good cleaning too!