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Start Your Next Cat 6A Project with Confidence

Download our new Cat 6A Reference Guide

Over the past five years, Cat 6A adoption has increased dramatically, becoming the dominant media type for 10 Gb/s networks. Read more...

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USB Type-C™

USB Type-C

The tech world is buzzing with talks of Type-C USB, but what does this mean for the average user? USB Type-C innovation exceeds the limitations of previous USB port technology, delivering higher charging power potential and faster data transmission than available before.   Read more...


Leviton GFCI Circuit Breakers Deliver Safety Ahead of Their Time

Leviton GFCI Circuit Breakers Deliver Safety Ahead of Their Time

Like you, we take safety seriously. As the market leader in ground-fault protection, Leviton naturally engineered the GFCI and Dual Function AFCI/GFCI circuit breakers in our new Leviton Load Center using state-of-the-art technologies that provide added layers of safety over traditional residential circuit breakers.  Read more...

Network Solutions

Recognizing Multimode Fiber Types by Color

Recognizing multimode fiber types by color

Color-coding is a big help when identifying individual fibers, cable, and connectors. For example, cable jacket color typically defines the fiber type, and can differ based on mode and performance level. These colors are typically chosen by industry standards bodies. However, there are some non-standardized colors and inconsistencies that you should be aware of. Read more...

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Dim the Lights, Please.

We depend on lighting for everything we do and have become accustomed to using dimmers in our homes to create ambiance or to set the ideal light level for a particular task.  Dimmers have evolved over the years and today we have a wide variety of models to select from. Each offers unique features to meet specific needs and even reflect personal style. Read more...

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The Leviton Load Center. This Changes Everything.

The Leviton Load Center

With innovative thinking, expert engineering and a keen eye for detail, Leviton takes the load center out of the dark ages straight into the 21st century.  Read more...

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